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Help with erlydtl plugin in a project with `release` template

Hi friends! Thanks so much for all the great work — rebar3 continues to be fabulous and make my Erlang development lovely :) My question regards use of the [rebar3_erlydtl_plugin]( first, in both the [Plugins page]( and the [project README](, I found the fetch syntax to not work unless I changed the URL from `git://` to ``: setting `DEBUG=1` showed me git was failing the fetch, which is curious because the `git://` format works in `deps`. After I got it running however, `rebar3 erlydtl compile` fails when I run it from the top level of the releases template, which is to say, my project is split into `apps/otp_app1, apps/otp_app2, ...`. Digging into the source with `DEBUG` set, I find the issue is [here](, where the plugin [expects to be called from an OTP app]( but, from the `release` template, can't delve into the appropriate subdirectories. I'm happy to submit a pull request for whatever is the best desired functionality for a case like this, but don't want to write something with design implications ("how does a plugin negotiate being run in the app template vs. release template") without asking the pros first, especially since I might be missing something basic in my config/invocation somewhere. Thanks!

Posted by Pablo Meier 4 years ago